Santa Clara has long known adversity and overcome and celebrated incredible success as well. We are resilient--it must be our DNA. We are a small town with a strong connected and caring community that has gotten us through Wars, the Great Depression, the Dotcom bust, the Great Recession, Fires and now a Pandemic. The list is long but so are our diverse roots here in Santa Clara. Its for all these reasons and more that 2020 needs to celebrated. Its a one-of-a-kind historic year. 
We are inviting you to join our Virtual Parade--lets make history together. Upload your 15 second to 1 minute video at by 9.26.20 and our Media Production Company will include your faces, voices and stories in celebration of our front lines, heroes and you are community!  

This Parade is for you--We want to hear from you show us your community spirit. For the Crafty creatives, have we got a contest for you. To participate in the first ever city-wide America's Heroes Front Yard Contest, just decorate your front yard, porch or windows take a pic and submit online to our website by 9.26.20. Winners will be featured in the Virtual Parade. There will be prizes and surprises.  Because we love you Santa Clara!     

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Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Despite COVID the Santa Clara Parade of Champions marches on!

Who would have thought that 2020 would be the year of Pandemic, protests, riots, 11,000 lightning strikes resulting in over 300 fires and even Japanese Murder Hornets? But despite the uncertainty, shelter in place, and extreme challenges our front line heroes and leaders continue to protect and keep us safe here in Santa Clara.

We may not have a physical parade in 2020 but we are definitely having a Virtual Parade program on October 10, 2020. There will be highlights and community messages for our Front line Heroes, virtual marching parades, cultural dances, never before seen footage of last year's parade, history, fun and factoids, community clips and front yard decorating contest winners. Deadline to submit online to our website your personal stories and images to be included in the first ever SC Virtual Parade of Champions is 9/26/20.

There is a lot to be thankful for and sometimes you got to see it to believe it!!! And that is exactly what we want our Front Line Heroes to see wherever they go in Santa Clara--front yard after front yard of love and appreciation.

The Festivities for the Contest start two weeks before the parade. Its Free no charge to participate. Tell the family, neighbors and friends--the more the merrier. Let's put some love into it and get creative. Residents and businesses are eligible.

How to win? Just decorate, take the photo, name your masterpiece and submit to us online. SCPOC will confirm your submission, assign you a House#, post it on our website for voting and drop of your own Lawn Sign with your assigned number with your Assigned House #. Folk are only allowed to vote once for People's Choice so be sure to tell all your networks and social media friends to promote and vote!

Other ways to win? You can enter as a: 1) Home, 2) Neighborhood, 3) Business. 4) People's Choice or as 5) District. The greatest number of registered participants in a District wins bragging rates for most community Spirit!

Our panel of judges will drive by to check out your Front Yard Masterpiece and select the top 10 best. From there we choose the winner. All homes will be featured on our website. Send your followers to view your pics at The only rules we have is that it cannot be political and controversial. Please keep it family friendly and honor our front line and community heroes. Its Ok to embellish with your favorite kids superheroes. Its your masterpiece.

First Place winners in each category get a lovely Gift basket and will be featured in our 2020 SC Virtual Parade of Champions video to be shown on October 10, 2020. We will be streaming on our website, Facebook, and Instagram.

For 2020 SC Virtual Parade Sponsors, we are offering Early Bird Perks for signing up for 2021 Sponsorship packages early. You will get a video spot featuring your community message in the 2020 parade. Two parades for one 2021 Sponsorship.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities contact myself or Mary Grizzle for details

by Ana Vargas-Smith

SCPOC President

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