Happy New Year: Looking forward to gathering again 2021...safely

Special thanks to our Committee, City leadership and Community for all you have done to bring back this 50+ year old tradition these past 2 years!

The year 2020 has been a nonstop year of surprises and extremes. Many highs and lows but also some very amazing examples of heroism. If nothing we have learned how to Plan for detours and how to handle each zig and zag along the way. Despite the unpredictability we managed to celebrate the many amazing community leaders, front line and essential workers and heroes at 11 am on October 10th this year--thanks to the powers of gratitude, duty, virtual reality and Zoom.

What can we expect for the 2021 Santa Clara Parade of Champions? If all goes well with vaccinations, masking and social distancing, a return to an open economy and approvals by County Leadership--expect Plan A. On October 9th at 11am in Downtown Santa Clara's we will host a live parade. And if Plan A doesn't work then Plan B will a Virtual Parade of Champions. There are so many things that go right we don't want to miss an opportunity to shine a light on all that is good in our community. I hope you will join us whether its Plan A or Plan B. We are grateful for your continued support.

That said, I often wonder what if Albert Einstein could be here in 2020 with us right now, what would he tell us? I came across this classic quote and it seems like the most resolute approach to this one-of-a-kind year: "Learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow". Cheers to our Santa Clara Champions of 2020...we look forward to gathering again next year!

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