How will you be remembered by your community in 2020? Join us in making those memories...

Santa Clara has long known adversity and overcome and celebrated incredible success as well. We are resilient--it must be our DNA. We are a small town with a strong connected and caring community that has gotten us through Wars, the Great Depression, the Dotcom bust, the Great Recession, Fires and now a Pandemic. The list is long but so are our diverse roots here in Santa Clara. Its for all these reasons and more that 2020 needs to celebrated. Its a one-of-a-kind historic year. 
We are inviting you to join our Virtual Parade--lets make history together. Upload your 15 second to 1 minute video at by 9.26.20 and our Media Production Company will include your faces, voices and stories in celebration of our front lines, heroes and you are community!  

This Parade is for you--We want to hear from you show us your community spirit. For the Crafty creatives, have we got a contest for you. To participate in the first ever city-wide America's Heroes Front Yard Contest, just decorate your front yard, porch or windows take a pic and submit online to our website by 9.26.20. Winners will be featured in the Virtual Parade. There will be prizes and surprises.  Because we love you Santa Clara!     

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