SC Parade of Champions: Esperanza Castellanos turns 108 years young next year

Since 1945....Who doesn't love a Parade?

Esperanza and her husband Joe moved to Santa Clara in 1945 and made it their home ever since. She loves Santa Clara, and her family has grown up with the Parade since its beginning. The stories of life in Santa for over half a century are fresh on her mind--in fact I can't wait to hear more of those stories about life in Santa Clara going back to 1940s.

Clearly, Esperanza has been blessed with good genes--she is sharp, agile and able to get around with only a cane or walker. We first met Esperanza, her son Freddy and grand daughter Mandy Santos at the historic return after a 24 year hiatus in 2019. Thank you Esperanza for participating in our community and frontline hero celebration this year. We look forward to doing this all again next year October 2022!

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