SC Parade of Champions: Jiaren Cafe proud supporter-- Best Coffee in our downtown!

Latte Latte Love--great menu of desserts, savory items, coffee, teas and specialty drinks

Every year Jaden Zhao, owner of Jiaren's Cafe, partners up to help our beloved NPO Parade of Champions with fundraising. This year our tireless volunteers got to enjoy the generosity of the community. For every coffee, Jiaren's "Matcha" one coffee to every donated coffee to our Parade Day Volunteers. It certainly kept half of us coffee drinkers running at full speed! In addition to Parade Day perks for our SCPOC crew, Jiaren's Cafe will continue to offer a Discount on your Purchases indefinitely. Just be sure to use the discount code Champions10 to earn a discount of 10%. Our small businesses are the back bone of our community, please visit NPO to learn more on shopping local.

Its been a challenging 18 months of COVID for our Mom and Pop's, community and frontline Heroes--Jiaren's has generously donated coffee to all our NPOs and Frontline Heroes throughout the pandemic. Grateful for her love of community. Together is how we will continue to move through this pandemic. Thank you for coming out to celebrate--we love you Santa Clara!

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