Something to Make you Smile...

A variety of ways to give back: Sponsor, PayPal, and now Amazon Smile!

Our nonprofit is getting ready for the 2022 Santa Clara Parade of Champions. The annual planning and fundraising events are now in progress. We are grateful for the enthusiastic participation, support and generosity for our beloved legacy parade since 1945--it's always been important to shine a light on generations of champions young and old, NPOs, veterans, and frontline heroes for their contributions. Proud of our diverse and dedicated community!

It's clear we love a good collaboration. There are a variety of ways to give back--your time and participation, your knowledge and skills and through donations via PayPal and Amazon or Direct sponsorship. We are one of the longest and most inclusive community building events located at the Center of Silicon Valley.

Join the fun! Learn more, or sign up to participate, volunteer, donate or sponsor at

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