• Floats must be of good quality and taste. Floats are subject to approval by the parade staff.

  • Please provide rendering of float design.

  • The parade theme must be incorporated into the float.

  • A float cannot be used as a major advertisement for the sponsoring organization or business. Commercial businesses sponsoring a float in the parade MUST be a parade sponsor.



  • Stabilized props on a float are not to exceed 13 feet in height (from the ground) or width. Objects may exceed these requirements only if they can be controlled to allow proper maneuvering with regard to traffic lights, telephone wires, rail wires, corners and spectators.

  • Floats, including tow unit, must not exceed 50 feet in length. The float must be designed to maneuver the several corners along the parade route without delaying the forward motion of the parade or causing potential hazards.

  • Floats must be a minimum of 12 inches ground clearance from the frame. Nothing can drag on the roadway from the float. Proper clearance of materials from around the wheels of the vehicles must be incorporated to avoid any materials being caught in them.



  • All rules and guidelines of the parade pertain to all participants including floats.

  • A minimum of one U.L. approved, current dated, multipurpose, dry chemical 2A10BC fire extinguisher must be carried on all floats. The extinguisher must have certification as current or if a new fire extinguisher, must have sales receipt of purchase.

  • All drivers and float personnel must be familiar with the location and correct use of the fire extinguisher. It must be place in an easily accessible location.

  • No smoking on or near any floats at any time.



  • All floats may be subject to inspection by Fire Department and Parade Personnel on parade day before the start of the parade.



  • Decorated materials must be flame retardant and waterproof. Avoid such materials as hay (unless treaded), straw, dried flowers, tissues, paper napkins, or other materials that have to be fireproofed. Substitute with floral sheeting, paint, or other fire and weather resistant materials. Live flowers or organic materials are allowed. Paints applied must be U.L. approved fire retardant or water based.



  • All drivers must possess a valid motor vehicle operator’s license and be adequately trained to drive their float. Drivers must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

  • Once the float is position in the assembly area, a driver and representative must be in attendance at all times.

  • The use of cell phones is prohibited while driving the vehicle on the parade route.



  • Float beds must be sturdy and capable of carrying the weight to be imposed.

  • Floats must be escorted to and from the parade site. If unescorted, proper running lights should be attached to the float vehicles.

  • Float vehicles must be properly registered and insured.

  • The float vehicle must be properly serviced for gasoline, water, oil, brakes, tires and battery prior to entry into the parade. NO extra gasoline, other than in the vehicle's tank, can be carried on the float vehicle.

  • All vehicle exhaust systems must be clear of any decorative materials and properly ventilated.



  • An electrician should do all float wiring.

  • Electrical wires and devices must be of sufficient gauge for the use intended. Wiring must be properly secured to the float to avoid mechanical damage and injury to float riders.



  • Portable generators used on the float must be securely mounted on the vehicle or other substantial base. A minimum of 12 inches clearance must separate any part of the generator from decorative materials.

  • Generators must be equipped with firmly attached metal exhaust lines, installed so to terminate either at a common exhaust serving both vehicle and generator or to the exterior of the float in the same manner as the vehicle exhaust.



  • All passengers standing or sitting on the float MUST be wearing a safety belt or have handholds or other support while the float is moving.

  • Absolutely no riders will be allowed to ride on the edge of the float. Any float with riders or articles hanging over the edge of the float any time before or during the parade will be subject to removal from the line of march.

  • No children under the age of 13 will be allowed to ride on a float without adult supervision.

  • All Riders and walkers should be in attire adapting to the float theme.

  • No one is allowed ride the float as it is being transported to and from the parade site.



  • The applicant must notify the Parade Staff if the use of music or sound is intended. A description of this must be provided on the application. Music must maintain a volume that will not interfere with other participating parade units while in the line of march.



  • Signs on the float are for identification purposes only. It may state the float sponsor name and or the title of the float. One sign attached to each side of the float or one sign attached to the front of the float is permitted. Sponsor signs should be in proper dimension to the float and not oversized. The Parade Staff recommends all sponsor signage not to exceed 2' by 10'.