Santa Clara Parade of Champions needs YOU!

The Santa Clara "Parade of Champions" is the longest running event in the history of Santa Clara since 1945.  After a 24 year hiatus, the nonprofit Santa Clara Parade of Champions incorporated as a 501c3 in 2019 to fundraise and bring back the historic parade to its community of 130,000 residences, businesses and NPO organizations.   With the support of  numerous of volunteers, business sponsors, city and county grants --we are able to bring the parade back year after year.  The best memories since our childhood for all of us. Grateful to all our champions!

Its because of our community's volunteerism and pride that our nonprofit parade thrives--THANK YOU!

Volunteer Information

COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS: We believe in Giving Back to the Community and reward with Community Service hours. If you are a student please use a google or personal email account when you sign up. If not School emails will bounce back because of firewalls that block non school emails. Please indicate if you are a Student in the Sign up form, bring your paperwork for signatures. Ask only BOARD members such as Ana Vargas-Smith/Karen Ardizzone for  signatures at the SCPOC Volunteer Booth. 

SCPOC VOLUNTEER CHECK in BOOTH: located 940 Monroe Street in the Seniore's Pizza Parking lot. There we will give you a SCPOC T-shirt, lanyard with event map and SCPOC event Contacts.
PARKING: If you drive yourself please park at University Plaza Center Parking lot at 1171 Homestead Rd. Santa Clara, CA.  If your driver needs to drop you off? Drop off point is at Homestead corner of Monroe. Short walk to the SCPOC Volunteer Check in Booth. Many of the Parade Routes will be blocked. Check event map for details.

YEAR ROUND VOLUNTEERISM:  We are always on the lookout for those with special media talents, business experience to volunteer and each year for community/parade projects. Many digital creative ways to volunteer year round. 

Please Please specify the Parade Day Positions and hours you are able to volunteer 

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Volunteer Training Video

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High School Volunteer Opportunities

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Santa Clara High School

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Wilcox High School



Banner Carriers: Volunteers needed 20-30


Professional Floats: Assistants needed 6


Balloon Handlers: Volunteers needed 15-50

Participant Parking Areas:

Volunteers needed 2

  • Direct traffic flow of vehicles in and out

  • Direct parking locations

Staging Area:

Volunteers Needed 4-6

  • Assist with the marking of unit numbers

  • Provide information to participants

  • Assist participants to their staging number location Assist with traffic flow in the staging area

  • Assure no parking of vehicles not in the parade

  • Assist with the flow of units in the parade order of march

Staging Check in/Info Booth--Placement of Volunteers and Parade attendees:

Volunteers needed 4-6

  • Receive checked in volunteers from Main Event Area

  • Direct volunteers to assigned areas

  • Remain on site following the parade to pack up booth

  • Assist with clean up of area

Dignitaries and Honored Guests: Vehicles Coordination for

Volunteers needed 2

  • Post proper car sign on Community Dignitaries/honored guests--Blue Tape should not be visible and signage very straight for Photos Ops and News Media

  • Greet and escort to car they are riding

Dignitaries' and Honored Guests Check in/Seating Area:

Volunteers needed 3 (minimum)

  • Greet and check in Community Dignitaries/honored guests 

  • Provide parade information packages to guests at check-in.

  • Show guests to seating areas

Sponsor Banner and Car Sign Distribution and Collection:

Volunteers needed 4

  • Sort all banners

  • Unroll banners and prepare for parade appearance

  • Greet and assign banner carriers

  • Place banner in proper location in the parade line of march

  • Collect banners at end of parade

  • Distribute and collect car signs for Community Dignitaries/honored guests

Parade route at street intersections and driveways:

Adult Volunteers needed 20

  • Assist with traffic control on street in areas recommended by Police Department.

  • Ensure parade flow continues forward

  • Ensure parade units turn corner without problem

  • Report any problems

Parade Route Marshals (BLOCK Captains):

Volunteers needed 15

  • Ensure parade flow continues forward

  • Ensure parade units turn corner without problem

  • Report any problems


Volunteers needed 6

  • Ensure parade flow continues forward

  • Assist entries to location to disembark any riders, out of traffic Show location of participant parking

  • Report any problems

​​​Main Event Stage: 

Volunteers needed 4 :

  • Need a Spotter for Announcer--reconcile Attendees numbers with Run of Show 

  • Volunteers will Update announcer and judges on any changes in order of march

  • Support Announcer, DJ and judges requests

  • Ensure parade flow continues forward--prevent GAPS and Delays

  • Retrieve judge’s tabulation sheets for awards after Parade and Give to Event Ops Team

  • Report any problems to Event Ops Team 

  • Run Main Event Information booth regarding Bleachers, e

Main Event area:  VIP Sponsor Reception/VIP Sponsor Bleacher Seats

Volunteers needed 4

  • VIP/Sponsorship Sunrise Reception

  • Monitor Seating assignment for VIP/Bleachers 

Main Event area:  Volunteer Check in and Community  Village Information Booth

 Volunteers  4-6 

  • Parade Leads will check in Volunteers with Questions: Did they get confirmation of  job assignment, if they watched training video if not do they need on the job training? 

  • Check in Volunteers on Spreadsheet,  Provide T shirt, and Staff Badge with Emergency numbers and event map. Assign their Lead Contact for Each event area

  • Set up 7am to 8 am and Tear Down begins by 3pm to 4pm

Green Team/Trash and Recycle 

  • Confirm if you have a license.  There will be a Golf Cart Driver lead position.

  • All others will be assigned to a Golf Cart Driver/Lead

  • Provided with a Map with Trash Locations.  Route to be check once an hour.  Changed and dropped off at Designated drop off site

  • Report issues to Green Team OPs Team lead 

  • Final Pick up is 5PM