Santa Clara Parade of Champions needs YOU!

The Santa Clara "Parade of Champions" is the longest running event in the history of Santa Clara since 1945.  After a 24 year hiatus, the nonprofit Santa Clara Parade of Champions incorporated as a 501c3 to fundraise and bring back the historic parade to its community of 130,000 residences, businesses and organizations.   With the support of  numerous generous sponsors, City services and leadership, and volunteers--the parade came back on September 28, 2019.  The best memories since our childhood for all of us. Grateful to all our champions!

The year 2020 with COVID challenges--we had to get creative. Our nonprofit organization has stayed active in the community by operating and gathering online.  Our 2020 SC Virtual Parade of Champions was made possible by our sponsors and volunteers with a variety of skills.  The added live stream and chat features to our recorded video segments were very successful.  For 2021, we will continue this new tradition so our community can always participate online or in person. In addition to parade day operations we are also looking for volunteers with a variety of skills including Social Media Content, Graphic Artists, Audio Visual, Media and Video Production skills.  We also offer Community Service hours for Schools. Please mention your list of skills in your email.  


We are always on the lookout for those with special talents to volunteer and each year we expand what we offer our community.

We are looking for a variety of AV, Media and Video Editing, Design and Tech skills.

Please Please specify the volunteer positions you are interested in from the list below.

I have expertise or can help with the following:

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Staging Area: Volunteers Needed: 4

Duties Include:

  • Assist with the marking of unit numbers

  • Provide information to participants

  • Assist participants to their staging number location Assist with traffic flow in the staging area

  • Assure no parking of vehicles not in the parade

  • Assist with the flow of units in the parade order of march

Participant Parking Areas: Volunteers needed: 2

Duties Include:

  • Direct traffic flow of vehicles

  • Direct parking locations

Parade route at street intersections and driveways: Adult Volunteers needed: 20

Duties Include:

  • Assist with traffic control on street in areas recommended by Police Department.

  • Ensure parade flow continues forward

  • Ensure parade units turn corner without problem

  • Report any problems

Parade Route Marshals: Volunteers needed: 15

Duties Include:

  • Ensure parade flow continues forward

  • Ensure parade units turn corner without problem

  • Report any problems

Announcer Stages: Volunteers needed: 4 (2 per stage)

Duties Include:

  • Greet announcers and judges

  • Update announcer and judges on any changes in order of march

  • Ensure parade flow continues forward

  • Retrieve judge’s tabulation sheets for awards

  • Report any problems

  • Remain following parade to collect volunteer vests and radios


De-staging: Volunteers needed: 6

Duties Include:

  • Ensure parade flow continues forward

  • Assist entries to location to disembark any riders, out of traffic Show location of participant parking

  • Report any problems

Volunteer Check-In: Volunteers needed: 2-4

Duties Include:

  • Check in volunteers

  • Provide volunteers with volunteer ID

  • Distribute volunteer information packages

  • Direct volunteers to assigned areas

  • Answer any questions of parade participants

  • Direct media to media area

  • Remain on site following the parade

  • Assist with clean up of area

Sponsor Banner and Car Sign Distribution and Collection: Volunteers needed: 4

Duties Include:

  • Sort all banners

  • Unroll banners and prepare for parade appearance

  • Greet and assign banner carriers

  • Place banner in proper location in the parade line of march

  • Collect banners at end of parade

  • Distribute and collect car signs for VIP’s and Special Guests


VIP Vehicles Coordination: Volunteers needed: 2

Duties Include:

  • Post proper car sign on VIP vehicle

  • Greet VIP and escort to car they are riding

VIP Seating Area: Volunteers needed: 3 (minimum)

Duties Include:

  • Greet and check in VIP guests

  • Provide parade information packages to guests at check-in.

  • Show guests to seating areas

VIP Hospitality and Reception: Volunteers needed: 6

Duties Include:

  • Assist with coordination of VIP Reception

  • Greet VIP’s and escort to staging location

Banner Carriers: Volunteers needed: 20-30


Professional Floats: Assistants needed: 6


Balloon Handlers: Volunteers needed: 10-100