Welcome to our Community

The Santa Clara Parade of Champions (SCPOC) has been a time-honored legacy in Santa Clara since 1945 when we welcomed home our WWII Heroes. Since then generations of Santa Clarans have never forgotten the memories and sense of community that the parade reinforced year after year. Our 501c3 Non profit organization of grass roots volunteers are grateful to our Champions and Community Heroes for the generous support in  bringing back the 50-year-old parade after a 24 year hiatus--we made history together!

In 2019, parade attendance was about 10K with 2K in the parade from around the Bay Area.  There were

amazing custom floats and numerous 20ft Balloons, marching bands from around the Bay Area, WWII Veterans, Rosie the Riveter, Blue Star Moms, professional and youth sports and community groups, cultural, civic and business leaders and our Charitable Partner JW House.  Even our  Grand Marshals have deep roots in Santa Clara--Champions like Brandi Chastain, Jerry Smith, Carney Lansford, and Paul Rosa all came out in support of our historic return. 


Last year 2020 was also one for the History books--an unprecedented year of pandemic.  A total shutdown of life as we knew it around the world.  We are grateful for our community and frontline heroes who risked their lives daily to save ours and could not go without honoring their sacrifice of service to the community.


Together is how we got through the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of a community grant by the City, sponsorships and the participation of all stakeholders from the community, SCPOC was able to produce a 2 hour commemorative parade video program to honor our 2020 heroes in a one-of-a-kind recorded Virtual and Live Stream event shown from our website, on our social media platforms and Channel 15. We are proud and grateful  for the support, participation and recognition by our  City Leadership, Schools, local Businesses, Chamber, NPOs and Community in our first ever Virtual Parade of Champions. It certainly helped to lift our spirits through SIP.   

2021 is turning around!  SCPOC is back on October 9th 2021 and we are going to be LIVE and in person. We are recording the parade to be shown on Channel 15 post parade for 6 weeks. Lots of Visibility for our Heroes! We have over 85 groups equating to 2K in the parade-- its clear the Community is ready for a

Victory parade for their heroes.